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What are your clients really looking for in a dental plan?
  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Comprehensive care

  • Alternatives

  • Simplicity

  • Freedom of choice of dentist
Direct Reimbursement (DR) is an innovative plan that offers these benefits and more - and brokers & advisors across the country are finding DR to be a valuable asset to their portfolios.

How can DR generate income for brokers & advisors?
  • One-time fee for setting up a self-administered DR plan (smaller companies).

  • Fees from a third-party administrator (TPA).

  • Use DR as a "door opener" with clients and prospects.

Your clients will thank you

DR allows your clients to reduce administrative hassles and red tape related to their dental benefit. It can virtually eliminate their employees' complaints about exclusions and limitations on treatment. In addition, DR can offer clients the following significant advantages:
  • Fewer hassles. Employers and benefits managers appreciate the simplicity of the DR concept, which allows for low overhead costs via ease of administration.

  • Fewer surprises. Since DR reimburses patients based on dollars spent on dental care - not on the type of treatment received - employers and employees can easily calculate, in advance, what their share of the dental expense will be.

  • No monthly premiums. Instead, employers pay when actual treatment is received. For that group of employees who never visit the dentist, employers pay virtually nothing.

  • A DR plan design, with its total annual maximum per covered life, allows your clients to control their costs according to their budget. At the same time, it offers flexibility that will make their employees smile.

  • UCR fees, exclusions and limitations on treatment and dental networks have all become part of many dental benefit plans as a way to control costs; however, they also generate costs of their own, especially in the ares of administration and employee satisfaction. DR allows a company to limit costs completely within its budget without sacrificing freedom and flexibility.

Concern about self-funding

Some employers may express initial hesitation about self-funding a dental benefits plan. For this audience, it helps to underscore the basic differences between medical needs and dental needs. Unlike medical costs, which can be unpredictable and high in cost - dental costs are predictable and non-catastrophic. Why insure a plan that is low risk and low cost?