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Direct Reimbursement is an innovative approach to self-funding employee dental benefits. It is strongly supported by the American Dental Association as a cost-effective way to provide a dental plan for employees that gives them the freedom to choose their dentists.

One of the most attractive features of DR is its simplicity. Under the DR model, the employee and/or their covered dependent visit the dentist of their choice, decide on the care they will need and receive treatment. The claim is then submitted either by the employee or the dental office to the administrator and the payment is made, usually within a week.

What makes DR so unique is that benefits are paid based on dollars spent in the dental office, not on the treatment received. It is therefore easier to understand and fairer to all members. Unlike conventional plans, there are typically few exclusions or limitations on specific treatments.

DR allows employees to be responsible for the best use of the benefit dollars available. Additionally, employees are involved in the cost containment process through cost-sharing provisions such as annual limitations and co-payments.

There are also a number of advantages to using the DR model. They are:
  • Plan costs are based on actual dental expenses incurred, not on premium payments by the employer regardless of the utilization.

  • Administrative costs are low and represent less than 10% of the overall cost of the plan.

  • Flexible plan designs allow a range of benefits and may include deductibles, co-payments and an annual maximum.

  • Fosters efficient consumer-driven dental care planning.

  • Everyone finds the plan easy to understand and easy to use which promotes good oral health.
A typical plan design would look like the following:
100% of the first $200 of dental expense, then
80% of the next $500 of dental expense, then
50% of expenses until the annual maximum of $1500 is reached.

Direct Reimbursement is the absolute, most sensible way to provide dental benefits to your employees and their families.